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I will change my ways

I'll know my name as it's called again

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Name:hold on hope

I am the sun
I am the air
Of a shyness that is criminally vulgar
On a summer day
Of nothing in particular

Interests (46):

amanda fucking palmer, ampersand filled literature, androgyny, being annoying, being shy, bizarre health problems, bookstores, brains in jars, cats, clifftop walks, cultish behaviour, english queens, feminism, general weirdness, glittery makeup, having too many books, having too many icons, long naps, manchester, mental cases, mental health, my cats, my painkillers, never sleeping, not telephones, not wankers, obscure mathematical critiques, odd quotations, ologies, queerness, rain, size acceptance, sofas, strange swedish girls, the 90s, the cult, the interweb, the seaside, the smell of libraries, the smiths, things involving dinosaurs, tinkly indie music, traversing canals, warm radiators, wine, xkcd
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